Happy Diwali

img_2614Diwali is the festival of lights and banishing darkness and ignorance.  In India (and now also many other parts of the world) Diwali is celebrated with lighting lamps and decorative lanterns, bursting crackers, wearing new dresses etc. etc. etc.

What we also do during Diwali make new beginnings and buy new things.  This is the time when we launch businesses, buy new cars, buy electronics, buy gold and so on.  Year after year I have been wearing new clothes, buying some or the other stuff and celebrating Diwali.

Surely, Diwali is also a time for giving and sharing with those who are less fortunate. Bringing smiles to those who are homeless and those for whom every day is the same and there is no reason (nor the means) to celebrate.

I wish everyone a very Happy Diwali.

I hope and pray that in some way or the other, throughout the year, we are all able to:

  • Give those less fortunate
  • Share with those who would value the sharing
  • Introspect and think about our actions to drive away ignorance within

PS: A good friend of mine helped me today to introspect and be better person and inspired me to lead a more meaningful life. Trust me that’s the best way to say Happy Diwali.

Daily Prompt: Trust

via Daily Prompt: Trust

When we share our little secrets with other people we are telling them we trust them. When we speak out our mind to the other person, we are making it clear that we trust the other person. This other person could be a friend, a colleague, a client, almost anyone out there.
And like all good things it breeds itself. So when we trust the other person it makes a relationship stronger than before and encourages the other person to trust us back. Giving trust gives birth to reciprocal trust.
Although we have to keep our eyes and ears open and show good sense in the choice of people to trust, trusting something or someone is very fundamental to human / animal nature. We trust gravity will work, sun will rise, rains will help us in farming and rivers will do all that we have come to learn they do for life to thrive.
The word trust has often been abused and trust itself has been broken a million times or so we feel. It is such a wide and all encompassing word and covers such depth and width. And still one more time we should place trust in ourselves and keep doing our best!

Just let be!

As you let yourself be… just be… I mean just sit and don’t strain to think or do anything it helps. I had always tried to resolve situations by doing or thinking a way out. But recently I tried to solve problems by leaving them alone for sometime and not thinking about them. I cannot tell you for sure but it is possible that letting the mind relax probably let’s the universe give you the solution or some relief atleast. This is not to say that I sat waiting for a solution and thinking about when will the universe deliver. In fact when I had tried that waiting game it made the whole situation worse.
The difficult part of this has been that I have gone silent all round and in such situations not been talking to even the closest of the friends. I am sure I will find a way out for this difficult part as well. And once again I cannot find an answer by looking for one. Just let be!

An interesting read!

By Crystal Heart Kazmi On the 19th of March, 2016, Pakistan played India at the Eden Gardens Stadium in India, only to lose in a rather humiliating manner. The loss itself, surprisingly, was not a surprise to many. Many of my cricket lover friends had even refused to watch the game for fear of the […]

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Be a kid, jump, laugh loudly and do what you love 🙂


The last two years or so have been a total roller coaster ride.  Many things which were moving (whether smoothly or otherwise) like a routine were disturbed or destroyed during the last 24 odd months.  Every key aspect of life was shaken and stirred.  After having worked in one organization for close to 7 years, he decided to move on and test himself.  A ship has to sail, it cannot stay in the harbor just because it is safe there.  What happened after that was something which could not have been predicted by the pundits.  There were turbulent times – both in his professional and personal life.  Another job-change came around and it all happened in a manner which he would never have imagined.  The second job change brought with it agonizing times filled with self-doubt and pain.  During this phase he often found it extremely difficult to get out bed and just live.  Sleeping was so much simpler and so close to being dead, he thought.

Today, every little thing was frustrating him.  Last few days: He was staying awake till early morning, struggling to simply use his brains during the day, skipping lunch day after day, procrastinating with no end in sight and so on.  While outwardly he was being considerate to people around him, inwardly he was very much frustrated (feeling much like a volcano).  Something interesting happened today.  After many days of planning he finally met his confidante.  Even when he started off to meet her, he was in a pathetic state of mind.  Was it evident when he met her? She knows him very well so she handled it for him.

They met, they spoke, they had some light snacks and tea together.  Their conversation moved around recent work experiences, office politics and most of all purpose in life… She has always shared things which are insightful and intelligent.  This time was no exception.  One thing which stood out in the entire discussion was the quality and composition of topics which they discussed.  She shared a lot of knowledge from her recent reading of a wide array of topics.  She even showed her new study material (she is a professional already but is now pursuing something even higher) and it was fun to say the least.  Later, during their conversations he shared his frustrations with her and also mentioned to her things of the past which were eating into his peace of mind.  She told him few things which he wants to share with everyone who reads this.  Well these are not rocket science or new discoveries / inventions but surely they came at the right time for him and so he must share it.

  • Don’t hide your depressing feels – share with someone
  • We all have our strengths and weaknesses and trick is to identify and accept both
  • Your work is not everything in life
  • Meditate – even if only for 10 mins everyday
  • Believe in yourself

And most importantly… Be a kid, jump, laugh loudly and do what you love 🙂